Once a client comes into a forensic psychologist’s office, one of the therapist’s initial tasks is to assess (test) the client’s mental health—to determine the extent of their psychological and emotional condition. According to Schultz & Schultz (2010), all proper psychological testing must should to demonstrate the following principles: Standardization – All procedures and steps
As the world continues to be infected with the coronavirus, increasing numbers of people are suffering from anxiety, depression, and even PTSD symptoms.  Forensic clients, already facing the stress and burden of their forensic case, are especially vulnerable to experiencing an aggravation of their mental condition brought about by consequences of the virus:  social isolation,
Mental illnesses such as major depressive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder are increasingly becoming a serious public health issue worldwide. Left untreated, these disorders can create significant impairments in daily functioning and cause extreme suffering in everyday life for many individuals. Aside from treating mental disorders with pharmacotherapy (medications and drugs), psychotherapy (talk therapy) is
AUGUST 26, 2019
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